Colzani Ingranaggi Srl

About Us

About Us

Italy, 16 miles north of Milan. The year is 1989: entrepreneur Antonio Colzani and wife Candida Toscano establish the family business, their eponymous Colzani Ingranaggi Srl – where “ingranaggi” stands for gearing. The young company initially focused on the hobbing and grinding of small and medium geared devices. Gradually, as the founders were flanked by the new generation – Marco and Ornella Colzani –, and market demand grew, so did the company.

Colzani Ingranaggi went from strength to strength, setting itself ever more ambitious goals: expanding and upgrading machinery, tools, testing and quality control, enlarging the covered area used as shed, increasing its highly qualified personnel.

Today, it numbers three manufacturing plants, a staff of 50 people and a total of 6,000 square meters (some 64,600 square feet): the admin building, comprising a turning and hobbing department, a second building that houses the grinding department and an air-conditioned area for testing, and a third manufacturing plant housing the large gear cutting machines, the rack department, straight-tooth bevel gears and Klingelnberg gears.

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It is now a full-cycle production company providing service that includes:

  • Analysis and solution of critical issues
  • Complete supply of power transmission components, overseeing the entire production cycle
  • Machining, gear hobbing and grinding on behalf of third parties
  • Cylindrical and conical gears up to 3000mm outside diameter
  • Ground gear wheels up to 4000 mm outside diameter
  • Ground internal crown gears up to 2600 mm
  • Pinions and shafts up to mod. 48
  • Joints and rounded extensions
  • Worm gears with ground threads
  • Splined shafts up to lg = 6000
  • Racks up to mod. 25
  • Ground racks up to mod. 10
  • Maag hobbing up to 2200 diameter
  • Mechanical machining

We serve a wide range of client sectors:

  • Sheet metal working
  • Sheet metal cutting
  • Power transmissionRailroad
  • Adaptors
  • Straightening machines
  • Industrial plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Shredders
  • Rolling mills
  • Sugar presses
  • Shears
  • Paper-making machinery
  • Forging machinery
  • Cranes and bridge cranes
  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Punching machines
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Mechanical pumps
  • Presses
  • Packaging machinery
  • Windmills

To ensure the product’s compliance with the official functionality requirements, we avail ourselves of:

  • Select, certified suppliers
  • Comprehensive documentation for each stage of the manufacturing process
  • Certified tooth profile, pitch and helix deviation testing by means of gleason GG3000 gear tester
  • Liquid penetrant or magnetoflux testing after teeth grinding, in order to verify gear unit is intact and free of cracks
  • Surface integrity inspection on gears using barkhausen noise analysis, to ensure gear unit is free of grinding burns
    ISO 9001:2015 certification
Technical Support

Our engineering department, staffed by expert personnel and equipped with dedicated software, can provide hands-on support in resolving issues connected with the design and optimization of any given project, whilst taking into account the respective quality and costs of viable solutions.

Moreover, our staff is skilled in evaluating each component’s dimensional, geometrical and mechanical characteristics, in designing engineering drawings for the various types of gear devices, and in analyzing malfunctions and failures.