Mechanical Machining

Grinding process of gears with
involute profile

Grinding process of gears with involute profile

We make use of several avant-garde, numerical control machines (with grinding wheel), which enable us to grind cylindrical gears of varying sizes, both internal and external (up to 4 meters in diameter for external cylindrical gears) and achieve an outstanding surface finish and accuracy class DIN6, with the option of reducing accuracy class to DIN4 at the Customer’s express request.

We have specific software for modifying profile, streamlining propellers, machining convexities, tapering and profiling of worm gear of any description.

We also have a grinding machine that can make use of an 80-diameter wheel for low-discharge toothing or unified and non-unified grooved profiles, and many years’ experience in the energy sector, e.g. grinding tooth root and correspondingly controlling notches.