Mechanical Machining


Quality control

We have two involute gear-measuring device (up to three meters in diameter) enabling us to control the quality of ground gears, both external and internal, and certify gear profile, tooth traces, propeller, division, eccentricity and surface roughness), as well as testing worm gears and such tools as hobbing cutters and slotters.

We also inspect tooth roots and the corresponding topography, and issue certificates as per ISO, DIN, AGMA and CHINA standards.

We avail ourselves of a wide range of measuring devices such as micrometers for external and internal gears, bore measuring devices and traditional, digital gauges, as well as a roughness measuring device to test flat surfaces and two durometers, i.e. hardness meters – one of which a benchtop durometer that tests Brinell and Rockwell hardness, whilst the other is specifically for testing Rockwell hardness of tooth profile after grinding.

We also test gears using a variety of techniques, notably magnetic-particle (MT), dye-penetrant (PT) after grinding, ultrasonic (UT) on steel, and Barkhausen technology to evaluate surface integrity.