Universal Shafts and
Curvic Couplings

Universal Shafts and Curvic Couplings

Disegno tecnico

Universal shafts and curvic couplings, besides being indispensable in connecting transmission components when these are far apart, are also able to offset angular and axial misalignments or significant radial misalignment, as needed.

Gear couplings, on the other hand, thanks to the tooth profile between hub and sleeve, ensure significant contact surface even in the event of misalignments, so as to reduce pressure in favor of greater durability.

They are used in the laminating industry, the mining industry, in food processing machinery etc.

Universal shafts for cardan power transmission
from mm to mm lunghezza
Module 1 15 0
Outside Diameter 30 250 2000
Curvic couplings
from mm to mm
Module 1 30
Outside Diameter 30 2400